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College of Engineering

A Brief History of the college


Founded in 1972, the College of Engineering is among the top 100 universities in the field of engineering, and will continue to strive for better. One third of the college faculties won NSC Outstanding Research Award, which is among the top universities in the country, and one quarter are awarded with NTHU Outstanding Teaching Award. We aim to cultivate future leaders in the field of engineering. We embrace the balance of theory and practice, technology, expertise, humanity, and compassion for society. We assist our students to think globally, to have a team work spirit, and to live with passion, responsible, dependable.
The College of Engineering has an external research budget of over NTD 400 million. We value cooperation and integration between departments. To strengthen innovative research and to reinforce university-industry collaborations, we have an industry liaison system and apprentice program. Research and instruction emphasize nano technology, biotechnology, energy and science technology, and high-tech manufacturing. We continue to improve the instruction in fundamental engineering courses as well as cross disciplinary collaborations.
Disciplines under College of Engineering include: Chemical Engineering, Power Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Interdisciplinary Program, Nanoengineering and Microsystems, Biomedical Engineering.  Graduate programs available include: Advanced Energy program, International Graduate program, IEEM Professional Mater’s Program.
Research centers under College of Engineering include: Enterprise Logistics and E-business center, Quality Research center, Advanced Packaging Research center, Advanced Opto-Mechatronic Technologies.


  • Become a world class Engineering College through the pursuit of academic excellence and technology innovation.


  • Equip students with solid theoretical background as well as robust practical experience to become global engineering leaders.
  • Discover new knowledge in engineering and technology that can benefit the economic development of the society, and facilitate the well beings of humankind.

Education Objective

  • Prepare future leaders with sound engineering knowledge, creative thinking, humanistic quality, team spirit, global vision, and compassion for society.

Core Competence

  • Professional competence and multidisciplinary learning ability
  • System integration and creative thinking
  • Good communication skills and team spirit
  • Citizenship and work ethics
  • Environment responsibility awareness and social concern
  • Global perspective and English communication ability


  • Enhance research capacity through cross-disciplinary integration
  • Promote internationalization by enhancing overseas exchange program
  • Improve infrastructure to provide a better learning and research environment
  • Facilitate industry-university cooperation


Dean's Office


Dean Prof. Chih-Huang Lai Tel :+886 -3-5715131 #33822,

Secretary Yueh-Mei Chung Tel:+886-3 -5710521 or +886-3 -5715131 # 33600,

Mailing address: R306, Engineering Building #1, Office of COE, NTHU. 


Departments/Institutes & Research Centers


Chemical Engineering

Power Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science Engineering

Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering

Nanoengineering and Microsystems

Biomedical Engineering 

Dual Master Program for Global Operation Management

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