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Institute of Taiwan Literature

Institute of Taiwan Literature


The Institute of Taiwan Literature was established in August 2002. 12 M.A. students are recruited every year. In 2006, partnering with the Institute of Linguistics and the Institute of Anthropology in College of Humanities and Social Sciences we co-found the “Graduate Program on Taiwan Studies.” each year.  This program recruits 15 teachers interested in advanced studies; In 2010, the undergraduate program “Literature and Creative Writing” was established. Since August 2011, three PhD students are recruited each year. Our Institute focuses on research, creative writing, and advanced studies for teachers. Academic conferences for graduate students among NTU, NCKU, and NTHU are held annually. Graduate students from PRC, America, Europe, and other countries are welcome to apply for our programs. Overseas academic exchanges for faculty members and graduate students are organized as well.

Areas of development
1. Literary theories and research methodologies
2. Indigenous peoples’ literature
3. Classical literature
4. Literature during Japanese colonial rule
5. Modern Chinese Literature
6. Taiwan drama and theater
7. Film and visual culture
8. Gender literature and culture
9. Cross-cultural flows and regional comparative literature


Faculty and Staff


CHEN, Chien-chung Chairman of Institute of Taiwan literature, Professor (Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Tsing-hua University, 2001) Taiwan literature, modern Chinese literature, literary theory
CHEN, Chih-fan Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Cheng-chi University, 2011) Indigenous peoples’ literature, history of Taiwan culture during the Qing period, minority group’s oral literature
LEE, Kuei-yun Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Taiwan Normal University, 2001) modern Taiwan poetry, women’s literature, modern Chinese literature
LIU, Shu-chin Professor ( Ph.D. in Chinese literature, National Tsing-hua University, 2001) Taiwan literature under Japanese colonial rule, colonialism and literary production, modern Chinese literature 
SHIE, Shr-tzung Associate Professor (Ph.D. in East Asian Studies, Yale University, 2007) postwar Taiwanese literature, Taiwan cinema, cultural studies
SHIH, Wan-shun Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Theatre, Taipei National University of the Arts, 2010) history of theatre arts, modern drama, history of Taiwan culture
WANG, Hui-chen Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Chinese Literature, Kansai University, 2005) Taiwan literature under Japanese colonial rule, colonial literature of East Asia, Chinese modern and contemporary literature
WANG, Yu-ting Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Taiwan literature, National Cheng-kung University, 2009) feminism and gender culture, prose studies, postwar women’s literature




The courses the Institute of Taiwan Literature offers include History of Taiwanese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature in Taiwan, Indigenous Peoples’ Literatures, Taiwanese Literature under Japanese Colonial Rule, Colonialism and Literary Production, Comparative Colonial Literature, Postwar Taiwanese Literature, Postwar Women Literature, Prose Studies, Studies of Modern Poetry, Taiwan Cinema, Taiwan Drama, Theories of Cultural Studies, Feminism/Gender Culture, Theories of Comparative Literature, Sociology of Narrative, etc.


Graduate Requirements


1. Course requirements:

Students are required to earn 30 credits, 6 credits for compulsory courses, 6 credits for prerequisite courses, 18 credits for advanced courses. No less than 2/3 of courses taken should be offered by the Institute of Taiwan Literature.     

2. Foreign language requirements

Students must demonstrate proficiency in English and take courses in a second foreign language.

3. Academic requirements

 Students are required to fulfill one of the following requirements:

①Publication of one journal article

②Presenting a paper in a conference

③Receipt of a national research scholarship

4. Thesis oral examinations must be taken no later than the end of November or May.

5. Master’s theses must be written in Chinese


Requirements for the Ph.D. degree

1. Course requirements: Students are required to earn 24 credits, 1/3 of which can be earned from other departments or universities.

2. Foreign language requirements:

   Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in two foreign languages. Requirements can be fulfilled by (i) passing the advanced level of either English or another foreign language examination, and (ii) passing the intermediate level of a second foreign language examination.

3. Academic requirements:

Students are required to give three presentations in academic conferences or publish at least two articles in peer-reviewed journals.

4. Qualifying examination:

   Candidates for the Ph.D. degree must take a qualifying oral examination. The exam will be based on a reading list selected by the Institute of Taiwan Literature.

5. Oral examinations for the dissertation:

① Preliminary oral examination for the dissertation prospectus: students must fulfill all pre-dissertation requirements; submit the introductory chapter of the dissertation, and a bibliography to be eligible for the preliminary oral examinmation.

② The oral defense of the dissertation: students can only apply for the oral defense after submitting a dissertation and at least half a year after passing the preliminary oral exam.

6. All oral examinations are conducted in Chinese, and dissertations must be written in Chinese.


Financial Aids


For the information of International Students scholarship, please kindly link to



Contact Information


For information specifically related to the Institute of Taiwan Literature, please contact the Chairman/Director : Liu, Shu-chin,

Email address:                                                                            

Contact number: Tel : 03-5714153                 FAX:03-5714113


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