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The Art Center

The Art Center


Brief Introduction


The Arts Center of the National Tsing Hua University was established in May 1988. Although one of the best universities in Taiwan, National Tsing Hua University is the only university that has yet to offer any art majors. Nevertheless, Tsing Hua University’s Arts Center is one of the earliest visual art centers established in Taiwan. It is not only an art institute but also a major performance center that has provided several services to various communities in Hsinchu from visual art, to music, dance, drama, and movies. 

Faculty and Staff


CHEN, Jo-i Film Festival Curator  (Taipei National University of the Arts, 2008) Visual Art
CHEN, Su-li Administrative Assistant  (Tainan National University of Arts, Master of Arts in Music , 2010) Accounting, Website Management
CHENG, Jui-shu Performance Curator(Chinese Culture University)Drama and Dance Performances
LAI, Autumn Visual Art Curator (MLIS, GSLIS University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1996) Visual Art
LIN, Fu-shan Visual Art Curator (New York University, NY Master of Arts, 2001) Visual Art
LIN, Sophia Performance Curator (Master, University of Missouri-Kansas City) Music Performances
WANG, Hsiao-fan Director; Tsing Hua Chair Professor  (PhD, Cambridge University, UK, 1979 ) Administration

Contact Information


For information specifically related to the Arts Center, please contact 
Chairman/Director :  WANG, Hsiao Fan at
CHEN, Su Li at
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