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Physical Education Office

Physical Education Office


Brief Introduction

Tsing Hua University has a distinguished tradition of emphasizing intellectual pursues along with physical fitness. Students and faculty members are fully aware of the fact that a good mind will be much more productive if it is "housed" within a sound body.
Thus, the University devotes a great deal of efforts to promote physical education by designing and offering a wide variety of courses, constructing and maintaining the state of art facilities as well as organizing campus-wide sports events.
The mission of this Office, therefore, is to provide a conductive environment within which members of the Tsing Hua family will develop a love for sports and healthy habit of exercise.

Special Features of the Dept. /Institute

At present, the University fields 14 sports teams-men's basketball, women's basketball, men's volleyball, women's volleyball, soccer, baseball, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's badminton, women's badminton, men's table tennis, women's table tennis, track and field, and swimming. Each sports team has hired a specialized coach or an assistant coach, who arranges a training program, provides regularly scheduled drills, and directs athlete training, with at least three practice sessions per week. The sports teams have achieved excellent results representing NTHU at competitions with other institutions.

Faculty and Staff

CHENG, Wei-jen Lecturer (M.Ed in sport coaching science ,Chinese Culture University,2005)sports coaching
CHOU, Yi-chen Lecturer (M.Ed in athletic performance ,National Taiwan Normal University,2008) sports biomechanics
HSIEH, Wen-wei Associate Professor(M.Ed in physical education ,Fu Jen Catholic University,2001) basketball
LEE, Ta-lin Professor (M.Ed in coaching science, National Taiwan Sport College,2000) swimming
LIN, Kun-han Associate Professor(M.Ed in sport coaching science ,Chinese Culture University,2005) sports biomechanics 
LIN, Kuo-chin Associate Professor(M.Ed in physical education, National Taiwan Normal University,2005) sports marketing
LU, Shu-yun Professor (M.S in exercise science, Taipei Physical Education College,2011)sport science
SZU, Hui-fang Lecturer (M.Ed in athletic performance ,National Taiwan Normal University,2008) volleyball
TAN, Kok-hwa Associate Professor(M.Ed in physical education ,National Taiwan Normal University,2006) soccer 
WU, Te-cheng Associate Professor(Ph.D in physical education and training ,Beijing Sport University,2003) table tennis
YEH, Huang-tien Professor (B.Ed in physical education, National Taiwan Normal University,1975)volleyball


Basketball(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester ) 
Volleyball(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Soccer(Graduate, 0 credit s, every semester )
Baseball/Softball(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Ping pong(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Badminton(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Tennis(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Swimming(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Golf(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Aerobices dancing(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Judo(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Tae kwon do(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
San da(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )
Physical education(Graduate, 0 credits, once a year )
Adapted physical education(Graduate, 0 credits, every semester )

Graduate Requirements

A compulsory for the school’s undergraduate students, 0 credits, 6 semesters required

Contact Information

For information specifically related to the PEO, please contact the Chairman/Director : LU,shu-yun,; Secretary CHEN,tzu-yin,
For further information on the Dept./Institute, you can also link to
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