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Military Office

Military Office


History of the Military Office

Military training at the University traces its origins to the Jinan Incident of May 3, 1928. In response to this armed conflict, the government agency overseeing the country’s educational system held its first national conference on education, passing a directive that mandated all students at the high school level or higher be required to take military coursework. After the Kuomintang government moved to Taiwan, it decided to reinstate student military training in 1951. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of National Defense promulgated an order to enforce the directive, and implementation was extended to all schools at the high school level and higher in 1954. Military education has since adapted to political democratization and social diversity, and the focus now is on basic knowledge of national defense, life counseling for students, and maintenance of campus security.

Faculty and Staff


CHEN, Hsiang-ping Military Instructor,  Army lieutenant colonel, National Defence Policy.
CHEN, Kai-hung Military Instructor, Army major, Civil Defense.
HSU, Chih-jen Military Instructor, Army lieutenant colonel, Defense Technology.
LIU, Hsiu-ying Military Instructor, A force lieutenant colonel, Defense Mobilization.
LIU, Yu-cheng Military Instructor, Army lieutenant colonel, International Situation.


International Situation (Only for Taiwan student )
Defense Mobilization (Only for Taiwan student )
Defense Technology (Only for Taiwan student )
National Defense Policy(Only for Taiwan student )
Civil Defense(Only for Taiwan student )

Contact Information

Military Office of National Tsing Hua University
Address:No. 101, Sec. 2, Kuang-Fu Rd, Hsinchu, 300, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Office Time:8:00 AM ~5:00 PM

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