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International Master of Business Administration

International Master of Business Administration


Brief Introduction

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), located next to the Industrial Technology Research Institute and Hsinchu Science Park in Hsinchu, has been consistently ranked as one of the premier universities in Taiwan and is widely recognized as the best incubator for future leaders in industries as well as academics. IMBA is a two-year and all-English MBA program under the College of Technology Management.
In 2003, National Tsing Hua University and the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) initiated the strategic alliance policy and signed the cooperation contracts on organizing master's degree programs in high-tech management. Based on the contract, College of Technology Management started its IMBA program and the TaiwanICDF provides scholarship for international students to attend the graduate study in the field of technology management. The collaborative program between NTHU and TaiwanICDF had been set under the Institute of Technology Management for 4 years and in 2006, IMBA program was officially approved by Ministry of Education to a professional degree program ever since. The approval from MOE enables IMBA program to recruit domestic as well as international students since 2007 Fall. The multi-cultural environment as well as the curriculum design are to train our students to be well-prepared for the ever-changing world when globalization becomes an issue worldwide.
We encourage applications from all qualified persons interested in the study of management. Individuals holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is eligible for application. Prior study in business or economics is not a requirement for admission. In the first year, students will be equipped with fundamental knowledge of management as a background for advanced, specialized work in academic majors and professional fields. In the second year, in addition to the master's thesis which is required, students are free to take elective courses from six specialties and typically major in two or three areas.
Learning Goals of IMBA:
1. Graduates will demonstrate their effective communication skills in an organizational environment.
2. Graduates will demonstrate effective analytical and problem solving skills.
3. Graduates will demonstrate capabilities of developing research questions and contribution to knowledge.
4. Graduates will demonstrate their abilities to identify and evaluate ethical issues in business decisions, probable outcomes and effects on stakeholders.
5. Graduates will demonstrate a global perspective in marketing business decisions.

Special Features of the Dept. /Institute

IMBA is a two-year and all-English MBA program. IMBA recruits students from all over the world and till now, we’ve got students (current enrollment plus alumni) from more than 41 countries. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals interested in the study of management. Prior study I business or economics is not a requirement for admission. Applicants with a practical experience for more than 2 years are preferable.

Faculty and Staff

LIU, Yu-wen Associate Professor/ IMBA Director (Ph.D. in Human Resource Management, University of Minnesota, U.S.A., 2004) Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Organizational Behavior
CHOU, Jui-hsien Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Economics, McGill University, Canada) International Trade, International Economics
FUNG, Ping-hsuan Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, Davis, U.S.A., 2002) Micro Responses to Exchange Rate Movements
HSIEH, Chih-cheng Part-time Lecturer (Master in Accounting, National Taiwan University, 1998) Financial Accounting, IFRS
HSU, Pei-fang Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Information Systems, University of California, Irvine, U.S.A., 2007) Implementation and Value Evaluation of Information Systems, E-Business, Wireless Telecommunication, Industry Analysis
LIN, Che-chun Professor (Ph.D. in Finance, University of Texas at Arlington, U.S.A.) Financial Asset Securitization, Mortgage-related Derivatives
SIN, Chor-yiu Professor (Ph.D. in Economics, University of California at San Diego, U.S.A.) Time Series Analysis and Applications, Financial Econometrics
TSAI, Chang-hsien Assistant Professor (J.S.D in Law University of Illinois, U.S.A.) Commercial Laws, Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, Seminar on Business Association and Financial laws, Economic Analysis of Law
WANG, Chen-ya Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, The Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.) Service Encounters, Cross-Cultural Services Marketing, Service Recovery
Galit Shmueli Distinguished Professor (Ph.D. in Statistics, Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management, Technion, Israel.) Business analytics, Statistical and data mining methodology, Big Data, Online markets
Lin, Ching-Fu Associate Professor (S.J.D., Harvard University) International Health Law, Food Law and Policy, International Organizations, Regulatory Theories




There are 9 mandatory courses at IMBA

•  Economics (3 credits, Fall/once a year)
•  Statistics (3 credits, Fall/once a year)
•  Management Information System (3 credits, Fall/once a year)
•  Accounting (3 credits, Fall/once a year)
•  Corporate Law (3 credits, Spring/once a year)
•  Financial Management (3 credits, Spring/once a year)
•  Globalization Management (3 credits, Spring /once a year)
•  Marketing Management (3 credits, Spring /once a year)
•  Organizational Behavior (3 credits, Spring /once a year)


Graduate Requirements


A minimum of 45 credits for courses plus 4 credits for master's thesis are required for graduation from the IMBA program

•  Core courses (27 credits)
•  Elective courses (18 credits)
•  Master's thesis (4 credits)


Financial Aids


For more information about NTHU International Students Scholarship, please refer to the website:


Contact Information    


For information specifically related to IMBA, please contact
•  Director: LIU, Yu-Wen
•  Secretary: Catherine Yu


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