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Departments by A-Z





A Anthropology
  Applied Mathematics
  Applied Science
  Arts Center
  Arts and Design
B Bioinformatics and Structural Biology
  Biomedical Engineering
  Biomedical Engineering and Envionmenttal Sciences
C Center for General Education
  Center for Teacher Education
  Chemical Engineering
  Chinese Language and Literature
  Chinese Literature
  Communications Engineering
  Computer Science
D Dual Master Program for Global Operation Management
  Education and Learning Technology
  Educational Psychology and Counseling
  Electrical Engineering
  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Interdisciplinary Program
  Electronics Engineering
  Engineering - Interdisciplinary Program
  Engineering and System Science
  English Instruction
  Environmental and Cultural Resources
  Early Childhood Education
F Foreign Languages and Literature
G General Education
  Graduate Human Resource and eLearning Technology
  Graduate Mathematics and Science Education
  Graduate Program in Science and Technology of Synchrotron Light Source
  Graduated Program of Taiwan Studies for in-service Teachers
H History
  Hsinchu Teachers College
  Humanities and Social Sciences
  Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  Information Systems and Applications
  Institute for Computational and Modeling Science
  Interdisciplinary Program
  Interdisciplinary Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering
  Interdisciplinary Program of Humanities and Social Sciences
  Interdisciplinary Program of Life Science
  Interdisciplinary Program of Management
  Interdisciplinary Program of Nuclear Science
  Interdisciplinary Program of Sciences
  International Graduate Program in inter-Asia Cultural
  International Institute for Cultural Studies
  International Intercollegiate MS Program
  International Intercollegiate PhD Program
  Internaional Ph.D. program in Environmental Science and Technology(University System of Taiwan)
  International Master's Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies(University System of Taiwan)
  Internaional Ph.D. program in Interdisciplinary neuroscience(University System of Taiwan)
  International Ph.D. program in Photonics(University System of Taiwan)
L Law for Science and Technology
  Learning Science and Technology
  Learning Sciences
  Life Science
  Life Science - Interdisciplinary Program
  Management - Interdisciplinary Program
  Materials Science Engineering
  Medical Science
  Military Education Office
  Molecular Medicine
  Molecular and Cellular Biology
N Nanoengineering and Microsystems
  Nuclear Engineering and Science (NES)
  Nuclear Science - Interdisciplinary Program
P Philosophy
  Photonics Technologies
  Physical Education
  Physical Education Office
  Power Mechanical Engineering
Q Quantitative Finance
S Sciences - Interdisciplinary Program
  Service Science
  Special Education
  Systems Neuroscience
T Taiwan Languages and Language Teaching
  Taiwan Literature
  Taiwan Studies
  Teacher Education
  Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language - Interdisciplinary Program
  Technology Management
  Tsing Hua College


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