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NTHU Alumnus Jordan Hu Makes a Name for Himself on Wall Street
On July 14 RiskVal Financial Solutions, LLC, founded by Jordan Hu, a 1984 graduate of NTHU’s Department of Mathematics, won two categories in the 2016 Waters Rankings: Best Market Risk Solution Provider and Best Portfolio Management System Provider. Hu, who has spent many years working in New York’s banking sector, said that the excellent education he received at NTHU has been an essential element of his successful career. It was also during his time at NTHU that he chose the first name Jordan for himself, after the French mathematician Camille Jordan, who he read about in his textbook on linear algebra.
Hu fondly recalls that at that time NTHU was the only university in Taiwan that required all its students to live on campus, as a result of which he developed close relationships with lots of his classmates and teachers. While studying linear algebra with Professor Jer-shyong Lin he discovered that mathematics can be used to solve a large number of complex and abstruse problems. After that, he took a course in numerical analysis and found that even though mathematics may seem like a highly abstract field of knowledge, it can actually be used to solve real problems. That’s why he chose to specialize in the field of numerical analysis during graduate school.
According to Hu, numerical analysis provides estimates and optimizations which are very useful for solving complex problems. Moreover, statistics and probability are essential in large data research and quantification studies, and partial differential equations (PDE) and stochastic calculus are foundational elements in the evaluation of financial models. Although he graduated more than 30 years ago, he still uses these same methods on a daily basis, so he strongly recommends that all NTHU students should have a good understanding of these basic mathematical tools.
In 2001, he founded RiskVal on Wall Street in New York. Today RiskVal is a well-known financial engineering company with its clientele mainly consisting of investment banks and hedge funds in the United States, Britain, Canada, Europe and Japan, such as Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Swiss Bank.; close partners include Bloomberg and TradeWeb.
The RiskVal Financial System is highly rated by Wall Street elites in the areas of interest arbitrage, risk management, project portfolio management, and real-time transactions. Shortly after the global financial crisis in 2008, RiskVal launched a unique application service to calculate the probability that a given company might fail at some point in time, allowing investors to take control for risks during a crisis. As a result the company's 2008 revenue reached a record high, increasing by 30% in comparison with 2007.
Under Hu’s able leadership, RiskVal has been awarded numerous awards, including Custody Risk’s “Risk Technology Vendor of the Year” award for 2015. Hu himself won the SmartCEO's Future 50 Award in both 2015 and 2016. The Waters Rankings mentioned above is conducted by Waters Technology, a leading financial information technology journal in the United States, in which its readers vote to determine which financial services companies are the most reliable. The competition is fierce, and this year a record-breaking number of well-known companies from all over the world participated in the competition.
According to Hu, RiskVal's market risk management system is a real-time, pre-trade, relative value analysis system that can improve profitability and achieve hedging effects, which involves obtaining reliable intraday market data sources, as well as timely and fully integrated investment positions of customers. RiskVal’s portfolio management system provides a multi-level portfolio structure that efficiently analyzes risk and profit and loss, and also provides a full set of risk reports. The company has earned an excellent reputation for providing outstanding customer service, accurate financial engineering, and innovative solutions. Hu said he is thrilled to be successfully competing with all the big players on Wall Street. Although he has been living in the United States for a long time, this year he returned to Taiwan to attend NTHU’s sixtieth anniversary celebration, during which he shared his educational and work experience during a talk he gave at the NTHU Hall of Fame. Hu has long been a generous supporter of NTHU, and over the years has helped to establish a merit-based scholarship for disadvantaged undergraduates. He has also made significant contributions to NTHU’s endowment fund, as well as a fund which helps new teachers participate in international academic conferences and short-term visits. NTHU President Hong Hocheng congratulated Hu for his many achievements, adding that he is the epitome of the "gentleman" in traditional Chinese culture, as well as the embodiment of the NTHU motto, “Self-discipline and social commitment.”
RiskVal Financial Solutions, founded by Jordan Hu, won two categories in the 2016 Waters Rankings: Best Market Risk Solution Provider and Best Portfolio Management System Provider.

RiskVal Financial Solutions, founded by Jordan Hu, won two categories in the 2016 Waters Rankings: Best Market Risk Solution Provider and Best Portfolio Management System Provider.

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