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7:30 pm Oct. 5 Chinese Traditional Music Series
  • 7:30 pm Oct. 5  Chinese Traditional Music Series

Oriental Legend

Chinese Traditional Music Series

Sunday October 5, 2014

7:30 pm

ZyXEL Auditorium

Free tickets are provided at the arts center one week before the performance.


Cloud Tree Aristo Classical Music Orchestra ( Yuen-Su) performs in different forms of traditional Chinese music and

demonstrate the music in a deeper and more comprehensive connotation. The performance will feature er-hu, flute,

Zhongruan and Zheng.. etc.


The professional ensemble will bring us a music feast mixed with classic, modern, and even rock-and-roll styles. They

will also give new interpretation to some famous pieces such as the“ Spring Breeze” . We believe the audience will

be impressed with an unforgettable experience.


Artists Introduction :

Flute played by Ren Chung

Er-hu played by Ying Chieh Wang

Zheng played by Min Chin Kuo

Zhongruan played by Yi Tong Pan 

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