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Singapore & Malaysia Film Festival
  • Singapore & Malaysia Film Festival

Time  : Sep.23-Oct.25 (Tue./ Sat.)19:30

 Venue : ZyXEL Auditorium

Free entry

09.23(Tue.)  I Not Stupid
2002105 min
09.27(Sat.)   Nasi Lemak 2.0
201198 min
Sepet2004105 min
10.04(Sat.)   Love Conquers All
200698 min
10.07(Tue.)  My Magic
201178 min
10.11(Sat.)   Flower in the Pocket
200797 min
10.14(Tue.)  Ice Kacang Puppy Love
2010104 min
10.18(Sat.)   Singapore Dreaming
2007105 min 
10.21(Tue.)  The Journey
2013102 min
10.25(Sat.)   Ilo Ilo
2013100 min

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