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Shin-Huei Wang wins Innovation Award for Young Researchers
In order to encourage creativity and in-depth research amongst young scholars in Taiwan, the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship established the Innovation Award for Young Researchers, for scholars working in three areas: mathematical sciences; life sciences; and the social sciences and humanities. This year Shin-Huei Wang of the Department of Quantitative Finance won such an award in the humanities and social sciences division.
Professor Wang's main research areas are time series analysis, empirical international finance, asset pricing models, and portfolio management. Wang says that her inspiration for taking up research in these areas comes from her practical experience working in the field of commerce. It was this experience that taught her that real-time financial crisis tracking systems and a corresponding procedure for adjusting asset allocation are of primary concern to investors, portfolio managers, and policy makers at central banks.
Wang's previous work includes designing a real-time tracking and forecasting system for measuring changes in data, her research have been published in prestigious academic journals abroad. Her research on the valuation of the Chinese renminbi has also been published in international journals.
In her acceptance speech Prof. Wang expressed her appreciation for the excellent research environment at NTHU, as well as for the support and encouragement she has received from a number of people: Professors Ching-Fan Chung and Shih-Ti Yu of NTHU's Department of Quantitative Finance; Cheng Hsiao of USC; Rui-Chi Wen of the Hong Kong Baptist University; and Luc Bauwens, Christian Hafner Kevin Yang, Laurent Sebastien, and Chrysovalantis Vasilakis, her colleagues at the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics at the Catholic University of Louvain. Wang also thanked four mentors who have given her valuable feedback over the years: Javier Hidalgo of the University of London; Jun Yu of the Singapore Management University; Chen Shengxian of National Taiwan University; and Zhu Jiaxiang of Beijing University.
Wang also expressed her appreciation for the assistance she received from her students while she was teaching in China, in particular the data-processing support she received from Xie Yimeng and Pan Zhiyao. Finally, Wang thanked her husband and family for their patience and understanding while she spent so much time abroad pursuing her dream.
Shin-Huei Wang, recipient of this year’s Innovation  Award for Young Investigators.

Shin-Huei Wang, recipient of this year's Innovation Award for Young Investigators.

Shin-Huei Wang with her husband.

Shin-Huei Wang with her husband.


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