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Robert Bresson Film Festival

Time : Dec.06-Dec.27 every Tuesday and Saturday 19:30

Venue: ZyXEL Auditorium.  

Free entry

During 2006 and 2009, Owls Cinema in Casa de la Socrates had launched La Nouvelle Vague Festival for two great film directors, François Roland Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard. Also during 2010 it commemorated Eric Rohmer. In this new festival, it will revisit the impact of film development for half a century and bring you to a more in-depth description about the profound personal characteristics of film director Robert Bresson (1901-1999) before "the French New Wave ( La Nouvelle Vague)”. Bresson's film "Pickpocket" has been likened to the best France movie. Cold and minimalist style was his trademark. Chinese Director Jia Zhang-ke has said its work “Xiao Wu” was deeply inspired by Bresson. Although Bresson’s work was not classified as any of the factions of French New Wave, his unique aesthetic style and spirit nourished film directors of the French New Wave.

Screening Agenda : 

Saturday Dec.6, 2014          Ladies of the Park194586 minutes
Tuesday Dec. 9, 2014         Diary of a Country Priest
1951115 minutes 
Saturday Dec.13, 2014         A Man Escaped
195699 minutes 
Tuesday Dec. 16, 2014         Pickpocket
195975 minutes
Saturday Dec.20, 2014         Balthazar
196695 minutes 
Tuesday Dec.23, 2014          Mouchette
196778 minutes
Saturday Dec.27, 2014         Money
198385 minutes

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