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NTHU Ranked as the Top University in Taiwan
NTHU Ranked as the Top University in Taiwan
On November 18th Shanghai Jiaotong University announced its "Top 100 Universities in Greater China." With a total score of 94.8, NTHU was ranked second, and Tsing Hua University in Beijing was ranked first.
In response to the news, NTHU President Hong Hocheng pointed out that there are a lot of top notch universities in greater China, making ranking a difficult task. He also stated that NTHU's high position in the ranking is due to the great importance we give to conscientiousness, as well as the way it holds faculty members to high standards while also granting them a considerable amount of academic freedom. He also pointed out that NTHU puts a lot of effort into recruiting a diverse group of highly talented students who realize their potential while studying in a stimulating academic environment at NTHU.
The areas covered in the ranking formula included personnel training (35%), scientific research (35%), quality and quantity of teachers (25%), and school resources. NTHU's faculty was rated especially high, and had the highest score on three items: ratio of faculty with doctorate, number of Nature and Science publications, and number of international patents.
First conducted in 2011, Shanghai Jiaotong University's Top 100 Universities in Greater China ranks research universities in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.
In this year's ranking National Taiwan University came in third, followed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Peking University. As for the entire list, Taiwan had 27 universities among the top 100, while mainland China had 64, Hong Kong had 7, and Macao had 2. For more details, visit the Top 100 Universities in Greater China website at:
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