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International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program


International Intercollegiate Ph. D. Program


Brief Introduction

International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program is Tsing-Hua’s pioneering interdisciplinary Ph.D. program bringing together Tsing-Hua’s faculty in diverse research areas to explore new knowledge, educate leading bright students, and approach global excellence. This is an interdisciplinary program with faculty from different colleges at National Tsing Hua University. Classes are offered in English. This Ph.D. program accepts both native and foreign students. Professors from such as University of Liverpool and Indian Institute of Technology at Madras are invited to offer lectures on campus for this program.


In this program, we highly welcome the applicants with the background of medicine. This facilitates interdisciplinary research connected to biology and medicine. Ideas and methods embodied in engineering, physics, chemistry, and other fields are being brought to bear upon important challenges in life science. Through the offered interdisciplinary environment, we believe that our International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program could offer students the most vibrant educational and cultural atmospheres.


Special Features of the Program

The applicant will be in the same department as that of his/her research advisor. The diploma will be awarded by the same college that his/her research advisor belongs to. There are several scholarships and study-aboard financial aids for this program. Please refer to the website for the latest announcements.


Faculty and Staff


Cheng-Hsien Liu Professor and Chairman (Ph.D. Stanford University (2000); Mechatronics, Control, MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), Lab on Chip, Nanotech, Bioengineering, OptoElectronic Manipulation)

   For complete Faculty and Staff list, please refer to the website




Curriculum planning: 18 credits of courses required (Courses assigned by advising professor and selected from the courses offered in English. Maximum of 2 courses in Chinese is allowed.) and seminars for 6 semesters (6 credits), with total of 24 credits required excluding thesis research credits.


Graduate Requirements


Graduation requirements: finish course requirements, comprehensive examination, oral thesis examination, a paper on SCI, SSCI, TSCI, or CH&I, and other requirements from advising professor. The degree upon graduation will be given by the department of advising professor.


Financial Aids


NTHU scholarship information



Contact Information


For information specifically related to the Program, please contact the Secretary:

Shu-ling Ho +886-3-5731017


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