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Enabling A+ Decision for Smart Production via " Industry 3.5"
NTHU Chair Professor Chen-Fu Chien is currently serving as the Director of the NTHU-TSMC Center for Manufacturing Excellence and presiding over the Semiconductor Technologies Empowerment Partner (STEP) Consortium. Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the STEP Consortium includes industry leaders from most of the leading manufacturers such as TSMC, Delta, Quama, GUC, VisEra as well as many hardware/software providers such as Acer, IBM, SAS and Eta.
The Decision Analysis Laboratory of the Consortium, under Prof. Chien’s directorship, is transferring the accumulated research capability and analysis technologies on decision analysis, data mining and resource optimization to various high-tech companies along the supply chain to enhance their analytical capability and foster a “virtual vertical integration” among them. By so doing, the Laboratory hopes to enable Taiwanese companies which used to focus on horizontal layers can compete with the vertical integrated manufacturers worldwide. For example, German manufactures have recently announced a national strategic plan, i.e., the Industry 4.0, to focus on smart production, green and urban manufacturing empowered by internet of things and big data analytics. Likewise, U.S. has also initiated a “re-industrialization” policy and promoted the advanced manufacturing programs through innovation and intelligence to revitalize its industry.
The STEP Consortium is also conducting a Semiconductor Big Data Grand Challenge with realistic scenarios to support and train interested Taiwanese students to learn big data analysis via effective training and empirical studies and hopes to incubate a group of young talents with an interdisciplinary background for the further development of Taiwanese high-tech industry. To this end, Prof. Chien and his team have shared their case studies and materials learned from long term collaborations with leading companies and published a number of journal articles, patents and a textbook on data mining and big data analysis.
While it is unrealistic to hope that Taiwanese industries can leap up to the level of their Germany and U.S. counterparts, Prof. Chien believes that Taiwanese manufactures can consolidate their successful past experience with an advanced analytic technology of big data and proposes the concept of “Industry 3.5” as a hybrid strategy for disruptive innovations to maintain competitive advantages in the fast changing environment.
NTHU Chair Professor Chen-Fu Chien and his team Enable A+ Decision for Smart Production via “Industry 3.5”

NTHU Chair Professor Chen-Fu Chien and his team Enable A+ Decision for Smart Production via “Industry 3.5”

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