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【The Kingdom inside a Seed】Wu Shumin Solo Exhibition

Time│Wednesday November 11, 2015 - Wednesday December 2, 2015

Venue│Art Space of MXIC Building(Learning Resource Center)

Born in the countryside in mid Taiwan, Shumin Wu grew up and studied in Taipei city after 15 years old, then obtained her degree and has been pursuing professional career in Taiwan silicon valley Hsinchu for 30 years. During her lifetime, she experienced the most dramatic change in Taiwan society and economy, also the age of crashed traditional value.

She deeply care people and cultures in conflicts . In this sparkling but solitude modern time, Shumin Wu creates her artwork by the inspiration of classical philosophy and Aesthetics, sings the praise of being , and expresses the peace of being true.

“The Kingdom inside a Seed “ is Shumin Wu personal artwork exhibition, including 6 art pieces of “Self-Portrait Series”, 2 art pieces of “The Unity of Human Being and the Universe Series”. There are 4 interactive artwork among them,and most artwork are first shown.

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