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NTHU Alumnus Jung-Wei Liao Receives Newton International Fellowship
Jung-Wei Liao, who earned his doctorate from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, has been awarded the Newton International Fellowship, and is the only Taiwanese to receive this fellowship in 2015. The fellowship provides around NT$5 million over two years for young post-doctoral researchers to go to the UK for research. Jointly sponsored by the British Academy, the Royal Society, and the Academy of Medical Sciences, this fellowship gives talented post-doctoral researchers an opportunity to initiate long-term relationships with research institutions in the UK.
Dr. Liao will use his fellowship to join a research team at Cambridge University led by Professor Russell Cowburn working on three-dimensional memory based on magnetic materials.
In his attempt of expanding international experience, Dr. Liao participated in various international academic events. According to Cowburn, the main reason for Liao’s successful application is his frequent participation in international academic events, which demonstrated his international perspective and gave him the opportunity to get acquainted with people from around the world working in the same field.
Dr. Liao modestly describes himself as having been an average student. He says that right through his undergraduate years he spent his free time playing video games and didn’t get serious about his future until he began his master’s program. Eager to enhance his abilities by emulating acquaintances who had traveled abroad, Liao sought ways to go abroad without spending lots of money and to make contact with international scholars. Thus he made an effort to meet with all the overseas scholars invited to visit Taiwan by his teachers, and later on was awarded a one-year scholarship by the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct research at University of York in the UK.
According to Liao, all these experiences greatly enhanced his application for the fellowship. He says that the most difficult part of the application process was arranging for three letters of recommendation, since the rules stipulated that his previous advisors could not be amongst the referees. Thus Liao recommends that in addition to studying hard, students need to make an effort to expand their social and professional networks and be helpful to others, since in the future one may need to ask an acquaintance for a letter of recommendation!
 NTHU alumnus Liao, Jung-Wei won the Newton International Fellowship to conduct post-doctoral research at Cambridge University.

NTHU alumnus Liao, Jung-Wei won the Newton International Fellowship to conduct post-doctoral research at Cambridge University.

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