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Professor Huang Jer-Shing Won the Gold-Jade Fellowship
Prof. Huang Jer-Shing of the Department of Chemistry has been awarded the 10th Gold-Jade Fellowship. This prestigious award was established by the Kenda Foundation to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding young scholars in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Applicants must be under 40 years of age and have to submit a four-year research plan and samples of research publications.
Many talented researchers are tempted to leave Taiwan to accept high-salary positions overseas. Kenda Foundation established the Gold-Jade Fellowship to help stem this ongoing “brain drain” in a hope to increase Taiwan’s international competitiveness.
Dr. Huang joined NTHU in 2010, and received the New Faculty Research Award in 2014. After completing his Ph.D. in Chemistry at National Taiwan University he pursued postdoctoral research at Academia Sinica and the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. He specializes in spectral analysis, laser microscopy, and nano-optics.
Dr. Huang’s research team focuses on the use of nanostructures to control sub-wavelength optical field and nanoscale light-matter interaction. His research interests include optical nanocircuits, plasmonic optical trapping, and chiral light-matter interaction. Dr. Huang’s research not only gains important insight into nanoscale light-matter interaction but also contributes to the development of photovoltaic technology.
At the award ceremony Dr. Huang thanked the Kenda Foundation for its recognition. He also thanked the Department of Chemistry and his competent and conscientious students. He stated that he would like to see more foundations follow in the footsteps of Kenda by providing support to further promote fundamental research in Taiwan.
 Professor Huang Jer-shing of the Department of Chemistry.

Professor Huang Jer-shing of the Department of Chemistry.

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