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NTHU Delegates at the Model United Nations
The Model United Nations Delegation of National Tsing Hua University was established five years ago. This year the Delegation was invited to compete at McMUN hosted by McGill University in Canada. Out of the two thousand participating students, NTHU delegates won both Honorable Mention and Scholarships. Delegates believe that this competition helps them improve their English, lean the skill of interacting with fellow delegate, and starts a self-learning journey.
Many universities around the world host the United Nations Conference.. Annually more than 120 European and American universities send their teams to attend McMUN, including those noted for having an outstanding law school such as: Georgetown, University of Toronto, and Harvard University. Based on their performance at the conference, delegates are selected for a limited "Best Delegate Award" and "Honorable Mention."
NTHU delegation was led by Head Delegate Eva Lin (Lin, Yueh-chen) a junior from the Department of Economics and included two other juniors Katrine Wang (Wang, Yen-ting) from the Department of Economics, and Sabrina Wei (Wei, Yi-rong), Department of Power Mechanical Engineering.
Eva Lin participated in the "Special Committee" which took place back in 1820; as a historical character participating in the early formation of the Government of Colombia (La Gran Colombia). Her character was a well-known expert in economy, law, and politics. Eva expressed that although she has a strong background in economics, “it is not easy to draft a taxation system from zero not to mention the absence of receipts, electronic tax invoices, and legal code. That was a real challenge!”
Eva Lin emphasized that Model United Nations is not only a test of your English ability but also a test of your research skills, and more importantly, the logical and critical thinking to complex problems. Her excellent performance got her the only “Honorable Mention” of the committee.
Sabrina Wei and Katrine Wang attended the well-known, three hundred people "United Nations General Assembly", representing Luxembourg. Sabrina said one needs to use good communication and social skills in order to survive in this type of committee. Persuading different blocks to join your side was no easy task; she said that people tend to vote for the best speakers rather than the best ideas proposed.
In order to raise the travel fund to Canada, the 3 students worked very hard to make the trip possible. Katrine Wang not only tutored English but even taught dancing. Eva Lin took part time jobs. They stayed with their friends in Canada and bought early booking tickets to save money. Their experience demonstrated that students could also go abroad and attend international conferences so long as they have the determination to overcome obstacles.
NTHU Delegates in Model United Nations.

NTHU Delegates in Model United Nations.


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