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Campus Life


National Tsing Hua University rigorous creates a rigorous yet nurturing climate to promote the personal and intellectual development of students. We provide programs, services, and educational experiences, and enhance the quality of campus life. These programs and services support the mental, social, and physical growth and development needs of our students in a healthy, safe, and intellectually-challenging environment.

International Student Support

NTHU provides assistances and variety activities to international students. We hope that you enjoy your time in NTHU.
» International Students
» New Student Q&A
» Transportation
» Living in Hsinchu

Student Assistance

We help students solve difficulties occurring on campus to maintain and improve both quality and convenience of student life.
» Emergency Aids
» Student Insurance
» Related Regulations
» Lost and found

Dormitory life

National Tsing-Hua University has built 22 dormitories which are desirable places for students to live in.
» Student dormitory accommodations
» Dormitory service center
» Applying for dormitory
» Applying for dormitory repairs
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Student Activities

There are around 150 student clubs at NTHU. The Division of Student Activities is the gateway for those who want to participate in school clubs or school activities at NTHU.
» Clubs at NTHU
» How to join student clubs @NTHU
» Service Learning
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Health Care

The Health Center provide(s) consultation on health issues, freshman health examination and general clinical services including the treatment of injuries for all faculty and students.
» Freshman Health Examination
» Affiliated Clinic of NTHU
» Service
» Health Consultation

Sport Facilities & School Team

NTHU has 13 kind of sport Facilities and 14 school sport teams. Students, faculty and staff enjoy state-of-the-art recreational facilities and fitness programs.
» Sport Facilities Usage
» How to join school sport team

Counseling Service

The goal of the Counseling Center is to promote the mental health status of the students, faculty, and staff. We are professional team including licensed counseling psychologists, licensed social workers, and psychiatrists. Services are:
» Individual Counseling
» Group Counseling
» Psychological Test
» Psychological Activity and Workshop
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