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EMBA/MBA Program


Brief Introduction

The EMBA program of NTHU is a part-time course of the College of Technology Management. EMBA was specifically founded for senior managers or business people in CTM of NTHU since the first intake in 1999, and is one of the oldest in the College of Technology Management. Now we have more than 400 graduates and students. Though the total number is small, it is always known by the excellent and tightly-knit alumni network, and is a basic field to develop high-level personnel in Taiwan. The MBA program had already begun since 2007, and the numbers of graduates and current students are more than 200.

Special Features

Tsing-hua EMBA / MBA not only owes its leading position in Taiwan, but are the concubine of homology with Tsing-hua University in Beijing. Students and teachers of both Taiwan and Beijing interact closely so that they gradually form the trust and recognition like" integration, as a splendid one". The College of Technology Management of NTHU is committed to cultivate business leaders sleeves, and many high-level management talent with innovation, global perspective, international competitiveness, and well versed of China's national conditions. There are first-class campus environment, strong teaching team, advanced teaching facilities, strong academic atmosphere and international education philosophy, that let people with lofty ideals to re-charge and then take off!

Faculty and Staff


CHANG, Bao-taa

Associate Professor (Ph.D. in Managerial Economics, Northwestern University, U.S.A), Theory of Industrial Organization

CHANG, Jow-ran

Associate Professor and Director of MBA(Ph.D. in Finance, National Taiwan University), Asset Pricing, Risk Management

CHANG, Yuan-chieh

Professor (Ph.D. in Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology ), Open Innovation, Internationalization of Research and Development, Academic Entrepreneurship

CHIEN, Chen-fu

Professor (Ph.D. in Decision Sciences and Operations Research with two minors in Statistics and Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.) , Decision Analysis

CHIU, Hung-chang

Professor and Deputy Director of EMBA (Ph.D in Management, National Taiwan University, ROC), Technology Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing

CHOU, Szu-wen

Associate Professor(Ph.D. in Economics ,University of California at Los Angeles ,U.S.A.) Industrial Economics

FAN, Chien-te

Professor (Juris Doctor, University of Puget Sound School of Law), Economic law, Business Law, Fair Trade Law, Law for Science and Technology

HUANG, Chao-hsi

Dean(Ph.D. in Economics, Washington University in St. Louis, U.S.A.) , Macroeconomics, Theory of Money

HUNG, Shih-chang

Professor, Associate Dean and CEO of EMBA/ MBA/ EDP (Ph.D. in Business (strategy), Warwick, UK, 1995), Strategy, Innovation

KIN, Lien-fang

Associate Dean (Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Applied Physics, Columbia University, US, 1974), Marketing Management, Business Communication

LI, Chang-chung

Professor (Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning, California at Berkeley, US, 2006), Quality Engineering, Total Quality Management

LIN, Bou-wen

Professor(Ph.D. in Business Management, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US, 1998), Strategy Management, Technology Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

LIN, Che-chun

Professor(Ph.D. in Finance, University of Texas at Arlington), Financial Asset-Backed Securities, Empirical Mortgage, Derivatives Product

LIN, Fu-ren

Professor (Ph.D. in Department of Information system, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Electronic Commercial, Data Mining, Knowledge Management

LIN, Tse-meng

Professor(Ph.D., Lehigh University, U.S.A,), Supply Chain Management

LIU, Yu-wen

Associate Professor (Ph.D.,University of Minnesota) Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Organizational Behavior

SHIH, Chin-tay

Chair professor of Morris Chang Lecture(Ph.D in Electric Engineering, Princeton University) Topics in Technology and Industry, Technology Management

TSAI, Chang-hsien

Associate Professor(J.S.D., University of Illinois College of Law), Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, Financial Law

WANG, Jyun-cheng

Professor (Ph. D. in Business Operations and Information Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Online Community, Electronic Commercial and Social Network, Financial Information System

WU, Chyuan-yuan

Associate Professor(Ph. D. in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania), Socioeconomics, Sociology of Technology

YEN, Hsiu-ju

Professor and Director of EMBA( Ph.D in Psychology ,Rutgers University Department ) Services Marketing, Internet Marketing, E-Service and Innovation, Customer Relationship Management

YU, Shih-ti

Professor (Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester) Empirical Research on Accounting and Finance, Financial Micro-Econometrics




The courses offered in EMBA/MBA are:

Accounting(Graduate/2 credit hours/summer)
Economics(Graduate/2 credit hours/summer)
Financial Management(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Topics in Technology and Industry(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Marketing Management(Graduate/3 credit hours/spring)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship(Graduate/3 credit hours/spring)
Business Ethics(Graduate/2 credit hours/summer)
Strategy(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Service Science(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Decision Analysis(Graduate/3 credit hours/spring)
Accounting(Graduate/2 credit hours/summer)
Economics(Graduate/2 credit hours/summer)
Industrial Analysis(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Marketing Management(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Financial Management(Graduate/3 credit hours/ spring)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship(Graduate/3 credit hours/ spring)
Leadership(Graduate/3 credit hours/summer)
Strategy(Graduate/3 credit hours/ fall)
Decision Analysis(Graduate/3 credit hours//fall)
Business Ethics(Graduate/2 credit hours/ spring)

Graduate Requirements


For Master degree students, 39 credit hours and a thes is Financial Aids.
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Contact Information


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